CAD Frontier Update: Issue 02

Oct 2021

There’s been lots of progress since the last Update. Here are some highlights:

  • Progressed decisions centered on advancing our strategic partnerships and progressing our approach to commercialisation through our Governance committees (Management Committee [MC], Scientific Steering Committee [SSC] and Commercialisation Steering Committee [CSC]).

  • Engaged an IP/Corporate Lawyer to advise on becoming a legally incorporated company, with advantages for managing CAD Frontiers Program IP

  • Begun an “IP Stock take” focused on understanding the background IP of key academic partners in the CAD Frontier Program, as basis for preparing a commercialisation strategy

  • Worked with the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA), BioPlatforms Australia and the Australian BioCommons to select Gen3 as the data platform to enable secure user-friendly data access to enable analysis of ‘virtual’ CAD cohorts.

  • Begun work to onboard CAD cohorts (Bioheat, AusDiab and FIELD) to the data platform.

  • Appointed a new Research Assistant and Clinical Trial Coordinator to our Kolling Institute Frontier team.

  • Met with scientific leads for each of the three CAD Frontiers research Cores (see previous issue), to begin ‘brainstorming’ a Stage 2 budget. More brainstorming to follow shortly, involving wider groups of partners.

  • Agreed to work with Allelica1 on innovative digital technologies centered on DMGV and CAD risk profiles

  • Begun work to expand the number of clinical settings in which iCoreLab’s imaging and data integration/analysis capabilities are being implemented

  • Engaged marketing company ‘The Monkeys’, to help with branding, and production of the Stage 2 application.

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